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Ok, untuk hari ni, kita di Naza Automall PJ untuk review another monster from Germany, Audi RS4 Avant tahun 2018. So hari ni saya akan share kan history RS4, bila ia bermula dan full review dari segi luaran dan juga performance untuk RS4 ni. Terima kasih Naza kerana bagi peluang untuk review another monster dari Gemany ni. Jom kita tengok video hari ni.

The new Audi RS4 presents a perplexing proposition for us purists. On the one hand, it's moving away from its old, blissful atmospheric V8 in favour of a smaller, turbocharged V6 - something which is always met by a pre-prepared, embittered response by folk like myself. But in utilising the propulsion of a Twin-Turbo V6, the RS4 is also harking back to its roots, as the first ever RS4 - the B5 - was also powered by a Twin-Turbo V6. 

As someone who passionately bemoans downsizing, I - surprisingly - was rather upbeat when I heard that Audi would be moving to turbo power for their new RS4, the B9. The old V8 in the B8 RS4 was a stunning thing, capable of sending its 444bhp to all four of the car's wheels.

Despite the fact that the 4.2L NA V8 sung a magnificent song as it revved its way up to 8,400rpm, the lack of low down grunt actually made it feel rather sluggish under certain circumstances - something which could be alleviated by turbocharging. The 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 that now sits in the new, B9 RS4 produces exactly the same 444bhp as the B8.
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